Is Your Electric Bill Costing
You Your Business?

We believe that Energy Efficiency is the single most important future source of energy... in effect - it buy’s us time while new and more efficient sources of power generation are being developed.

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Technology and innovative thinking are the engine for securing the corporation’s energy future. Let us help you to ontinuously improve your processes and production performance.

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Baseline the current energy performance of the buildings, accurately track & report savings, and document the progress towards achieving your energy performance goals.

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Advanced Smart Metering + Interactive Realtime Displays = Improved Energy Performance

  • What we do

    Ekon takes a highly ethical approach to Energy Management. We have a complete portfolio of proven load-side products that are suitable for applications in almost every conceivable type of facility including; commercial buildings, airports, offices, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, and all manner of industrial manufacturing facilities.


    • 1Reduced Energy Costs.
    • 2Increased Bottom Line Profits.
    • 3Reduced Carbon Foot Print.
    • 4Reduced Maintenance and Down Time Costs
    • 5Increased Productivity
    • 6Improved Green Credentials
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    • icon Air Conditioning Energy Saver
    • icon Chilled Unit Energy Saver
    • icon Intelligent Motor Energy Controller
    • icon Light Energy Saver System
    • iconLED Lighting
    • EnergyMaps Power Monitoring Agreement

      We are proud to offer the following proposal to expand the scope of your current preventive maintenance and facility management policies. The addition of EnergyMaps to your existing building management systems will immediately provide two critically important benefits to your organization:

      1. EnergyMaps will identify immediate energy cost saving opportunities that will, in many cases, more than pay for the entire cost of this service – instantly freeing up valuable revenue for other parts of your business.
      2. At the same time EnergyMaps will minimize the long-term total cost of owning and operating your buildings by validating efficacy on technology solutions that provide for longer equipment life and fewer mechanical breakdowns.

      According to the U.S. Department of Energy and the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) energy savings of 10 to 40% can be realized through improved operations and maintenance of building systems. Our approach will be to optimize the performance of all of the energy-consuming systems in your building and ensure that all aspects of energy waste in your buildings are addressed.

    • Benefits

      Financial | Environmental | Sustainable

      1. Identify maximum total energy savings
        By tuning the operation of your building we will eliminate operational characteristics that waste energy. This process maximizes savings by immediately revealing no and low cost opportunities for immediate improvement.
      2. Track and report actual savings
        Prior to making operational or equipment changes we will install systems that baseline the current energy performance of the buildings and accurately track and report savings, even accounting for changes in weather or occupancy patterns. This will allow you to document the progress towards achieving your energy performance goals, as well as the financial return you are receiving for your investment.
      3. Ensure ongoing high performance
        The systems we will install also provide for ongoing energy performance of the building by continuously monitoring the real-time energy use, comparing it to the expected performance level, and alerting us if something changes in the buildings’ operation that cause energy use to exceed the expected level.

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